Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tylenol 8 Hour

A prolonged 8-hour effect of this version of Tylenol is achieved by means of a specific two-layer structure of the caplets, tablets, or gelcaps that provides an extended release of the medication into the system. Each caplet, etc of Tylenol 8 Hour contains 650 mg of pure acetaminophen which is a well-known and widely used analgetic and antipyretic. The first layer in the caplets dissolves quickly, while the second layer takes time to dissolve and release its contents, so the patient can experience the results of Tylenol's action at once and then during several hours (up to 8 hours) while the medication is being gradually released into his or her system. As a result, the same 650 mg dose of acetaminophen is used more efficiently and there is no need of repeating it during about 8 hours, thus lessening the load on the liver and kidneys.